African first
blockchain backed butchery

We provide end-to-end visibility of meat processing & meat product supply chain, towards transparency and traceability from slaughterhouse to fork.

Our Services

An ingenious smart shop for healthy meat

Walk-in Store

An ambient store were our products items are displayed in a chill condition, ever ready for pick up.

Retail by distribution

Fresh products made available on a pre-order based agreement for Grocery stores, hotels & supermarkets.

Home service delivery

We deliver to your convenience; Our social media handle & phone lines are active to recieve your order for quick delivery.

Meat on the wheels

We expand our marketing reach territorially, by linking our customers at there pain point to satisfy our customers.

What we offer

Exclusive Offer For You

Traceability Work flow

How it works


Locate QR Code

Locate QR code printed on the product package you purchased from any of our outlet


Scan QR Code

Scan the product QR code with a QR code scanner or software on your device.


Follow Link

Follow the link provided by the scanned QR code from your device using any of your favorite browser.


Browse History

Experience transparency and safety as you browse through the history of the product purchased.

We Put Our Customer First.

Our value proposition is to infuse safety, convenience & technology all in one to achieve SDG goal- ''Good health & well being for the purpose of traceability and transparency.

We are pioneering the first mobile meat shop in Nigeria backed by Blockchain. We bring the experience of the reality of the whole process of the value chain to our customers in real time.

Our model supports locally, grass and grain fed livestock’s farmers through our patronage to process, package, store and market their animals

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